Thursday, 28 May 2015

Ghosts of Spain by Giles Tremlett
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 On 10 April 2006, Clive P L Young wrote a review on Amazon...

"An indispensable introduction to the complex politics and fast-shifting culture of Spain over the last thirty years, Ghosts of Spain presents an engaging and highly readable account of the country's remarkable transition from stagnant authoritarianism to vigorous democracy. 
The opening chapters on the partly hidden legacy of the Civil War and Francoism are quite outstanding as Tremlett gives reasons for Spain's extraordinary lack of either reconciliation or recrimination. 
Recent scandals and the often-related construction and tourist booms are smartly handled and the detour to the heart of flamenco is genuinely moving. 
The author is much less sure-footed on the chapters on Basque and Catalan nationalism, revealing an unfortunate and disappointingly clichéd Madrid metropolitan bias. Although the book also suffers from what seems to have been hasty editing, the recompense is Tremlett's a fine journalistic sensitivity for place and people and a genuine love for his subject."

Robert Bovington wrote...

"I have also read Giles Tremlett's 'Ghosts of Spain' and can reiterate Mr Young's sentiments". "The book is a good account of recent Spanish history and captures the essence of Spain instead of the "rose-tinted spectacles" view of the popular 'Costas'."

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