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“Dead Man’s Grip” by Peter James - a review by Robert Bovington

Dead Man's Grip by Peter James

“Dead Man’s Grip” by Peter James - A Review by Robert Bovington  

Location: A balcony in Andalusia 
Diane: “Are you going to sit out there reading all day?” 
Bob: “No. I’ve nearly finished this chapter.” 
Bob finishes the chapter of Peter James’ latest thriller and reluctantly goes indoors to help his wife.
 It is often like this when I read Peter’s Roy Grace novels. It is as though the books are stuck to my hands with superglue, which is most appropriate in the case of “Dead Man’s Grip” because one of the murders in the book involves the ultra strong adhesive. 

This book is totally gripping.

As usual, most of the action takes place in the vibrant city of Brighton and Hove.  Student Tony Revere is killed which is rather unfortunate for the unsuspecting characters who are directly or indirectly involved in the fatal traffic accident. His American parents have Mafia connections and hire “Tooth”, a psychotic hit man to exact terrible revenge on those involved with their son’s death.

As with all the books in the Roy Grace series, the attention to detail is exemplary, especially police procedure – author Peter James’ painstaking research ensures that the police action is believable. 

His characters, too, are credible. There are the normal suspects – in this sense I mean Roy Grace’s team including sidekick Glenn Branson and the politically incorrect Norman Potting. 

Also featured are the threads from previous books including Roy’s girlfriend Cleo and his missing wife Sandy. 

This is another addictive crime thriller and I particularly like the Brighton connection because I, like Peter James, grew up in the area. I do, however, sometimes wonder whether the crimes are a bit far fetched. Or are they! I think I'll remain in Spain rather than return to my roots!

Robert Bovington

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